Zombie Zoom Room & Costume Contest

Join the Zoom Room

Welcome to the flood! Join our official Zombie Zoom Room & Costume Contest during the Halloween show this Friday 10/30 at 9pm EST for a chance to be featured on screen with us! Our favorite Zombies will also win signed copies of 'Escape' on vinyl.

During the stream our moderators will select fans to be featured on screen throughout the show. For the best chance to be featured, make sure your video is horizontal and you are actively giving our video crew a good shot to work with. Ideally we are looking for close up views of everyone acting like zombies, attacking the camera, so it looks like zombies are taking over the show. Be creative and have fun. 

Also keep in mind that if you are featured there will be a 30 second delay before you see yourself on screen. So even if it doesn't look like you're on screen, keep giving us the best footage to work with and we will make sure to feature as many fans as possible throughout the show. 

Please note our house rules: No harassment of any kind. This includes bullying, offensive gestures and nudity. No illegal drug use - please keep this space respectful and welcoming for fans of all ages.

In order to participate, you will need 2 devices. One for watching & listening to the show and another for using Zoom.

First time Zoom user? Download Zoom in advance here: https://zoom.us/download

FYI all users will be muted upon entry in the Zoom Room and throughout the duration of the stream. Make sure your video is turned on! Please be courteous and stay on mute.

To see all the other fans watching, select “gallery view” in the upper right corner of your screen at any time.

Thanks for joining our zombie takeover! Have fun and see ya during the show!